The "Prima Quartett" are my husband Klaus,

our  Cavaliers and me.

We live in Denzlingen/Baden-Württemberg/Germany.

Denzlingen is located in the black forest.

Here we have everthing what we need.

The black forest, open country, castle and rivers.

Everyday, we enjoy the countryside around Denzlingen.

You can see that in our gallery.








In the course of the years, it comes more dogs to.

Our dogs are family members.

They take part in our life and we enjoy the time

with them.



When I was a little girl,

I always wanted to have a dog.

2004  my dreams came true.

Our Emely has come and with her the love to

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


Emely july ´06

Amy  may ´05


And with time the wish of our own

breeding became stronger.

Joleen passed all the health tests and

we are planning our first puppies in  2009.






Lucy, Amy and Joleen  september ´08

Our desire are healthy, beautiful and strength of charakter   Cavaliers to breed.

Health begins at Prima Quartett already with the life style of the bitches.

Our dogs take an active part in life.

Everyday I walk with my dogs for a long time.

They run, jump, swim and wallow in - to enjoy live.

So they learn to know other dogs, horses, chicken, pigs .

They live in close touch with nature.

Our dogs are prepared for life.

They are open to diverse situations and

are  great examples for the younger generations.

We don´t keep our dogs in a kennel.

All of our dogs are cuddled and cared for every day.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel like to be involved.

At regular intervals our dogs are medically examined  and

have passed all the health tests.

They have examined their heart, patella and eyes disease.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

It is also important, that our cavies are typical representatives of the breed

as regards to the standard.

Our puppies grow up in the family.

So they learn to know the daily life in a family.

As soon our puppies are old enough, they must explore our garden.